Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How to Choose Best Car Insurance for Unemployed at Lowest Premiums

As any driver is aware of, vehicle insurance is not cheap. But the fact is that the cost of vehicle insurance for unemployed people can be more expensive. 

According to reports, people without jobs are even forced to pay more for the vehicle insurance compared to carinsurance self employed or full time employed. While you may think that a few of the assumptions are questionable, the insurers will surely consider those. So, go through this blog to find out the things that you can actually do to keep the premium rate as low as possible.

  1. Shop around for good quote: Invest your time and take the help of different price comparison sites to help you. Don’t review the policy automatically as often discounts are offered to the new customers.

  1. Restrict the mileage: As this is one of the major factors that the insurers often consider, therefore it actually makes sense to restrict all the non-essential journeys to qualify for the best car insurance for unemployed.

  1. Pay the premiums in a single time: Often people are forced to spread their vehicle insurance premiums over the year while they are strapped for cash. But this actually incurs interest and they end up paying a lot more than the cost of vehicle insurance.

  1. Consider security: Parking the vehicle in a garage or off-road at night can actually make a vital difference to the cost of the insurance premium.

  1. Simplify the policy: If you are looking for cheaper car insurance for unemployed, then ask the insurance provider to remove all parts of your vehicle insurance policy, which you don’t actually need. The majority of the insurance providers will be happy to talk to you about this.

  1. Try to protect the non-claims bonus: Though it is not possible always, but driving the vehicle carefully and choosing not to claim if not necessary can actually allow one to collect several years of no-claims. This way, by protecting the no-claims bonus for years, you can actually lower the vehicle insurance premium.
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